What Is An Accreditation?

Accreditation means according to ISO17021, Third party attestation related to a conformity assessment body conveying formal demonstration of its competence to carry out specific assessment tasks.QIC is accredited by ACBCB.

What Happens After Getting Accreditation?

If you are accredited, you will be awarded with an accreditation certificate which could be displayed in your premises. You will now also be able to make use of the ACBCB Accreditation Mark with QIC and offer your conformity assessment services with confidence both nationally and internationally.

There will also be follow-up surveillance which consists of periodic assessments being carried out to ensure continued compliance to the requirements and scope of accreditation. The accreditation will also require periodic renewal and the renewal period will depend on the terms and conditions of the accreditation scheme.

Misuse Of QIC Accreditation

If there are any inquires with regard to the use of QIC accreditation or its accreditation mark contradictory to the QIC rules and procedures for accreditation by any of the organizations, please inform them to the CEO.

The Benefits Of Accreditation

Business innovates to meet standards in efficient and cost-effective ways. Accreditation allows for a rapid response to new issues and priorities by swiftly adapting existing regimes already used by business to suit new circumstances.

Companies big and small buy independent evaluations either through choice (to reduce the risk of product failure for example) or as a consequence of legal requirements (such as health and safety regulations). Most commonly these evaluations are calibration of equipment, product testing, inspection of equipment and certification of quality management systems.



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