Registration Assessment ISO 9001:2015

The ISO 9000 standards give organizations an opportunity to increase value to their activities and to improve their performance continually, by focusing on their major processes. The standards place great emphasis on making quality management systems closer to the processes of organizations and on continual improvement. As a result, they direct users to the achievement of business results, including the satisfaction of customers and other interested parties.

  • ISO 9001 certification has been in place for almost 20 years and is used by both companies and their customers and suppliers as a means of ensuring products and services meet specifications.
  • The Standard provides a framework to manage your business and ensure a philosophy of continual improvement in all aspects of your business.
  • It is externally assessed on an ongoing basis to ensure good business practices are maintained and improved.
  • The principles of ISO 9001 are: customer focus, leadership, involvement of people, mutually beneficial supplier relationships, factual approach to decision making, systems approach to management, process approach and continual improvement.
  • Assessment : The assessments can be against any scope of registration. ISO 9001 users must also read ISO 9000 and ISO 9004. The reason for this is that all 3 should be read in conjunction with one another, especially ISO 9000 when using 9001 and 9004.
Quality Policy: Top Management shall ensure that the quality policy & It
  • is appropriate to the purpose of the organization
  • includes a commitment to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system
  • provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives
  • is communicated and understood within the organization, and
  • is reviewed for continuing suitability.

Customer Benefits: The ISO 9000 series of standards have been developed to enable organizations to have process based management systems. This should enable them to understand their customers' requirements and improve customer satisfaction, through the review and improvement of their internal activities.

Why required ISO 9001:2015?

ISO 9001 provides a framework through which organizations can establish a system of controls to manage the threat and risks to their businesses.

ISO 9001 systems force you to look at the way in which you operate by using the process approach, which should be introduced throughout the organization from the CEO to the cleaner.

The systems introduced will provide the leadership with valuable feedback on how well their organization is operating, through providing factual evidence of performance. This can then be acted upon to provide improvement.

The connection of quality management systems to organizational processes, being orientated toward 'continual improvement' and 'customer satisfaction', including the monitoring of information on 'customer satisfaction' as a measure of system performance

Measurement of the quality management system, processes and product consideration of statutory and regulatory requirements

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