Welcome to Quality Inspection & Certifications

Quality Inspection & Certifications is one of the fastest growing Conformity Assessment Conformity (CAB) in India. It is accredited by Accreditation Conformity Board for Certification Bodies (ACBCB). It was funded by its well qualified technical team with the help of their extensive knowledge of all aspects of the 'quality world'. Today, Quality Inspection & Certifications has its own regional assessors throughout India.

Quality Inspection & Certifications is established in 2009, Located at New Delhi. Our main objective is to Safeguard life, Property, Management & Environment through quality assurance services & assist client in continual improvement in quality input and profitable output.

Quality Inspection & Certifications is specialist appraise management systems according to International standards. This means that organization and service providers have an edge in worldwide competition optimized process also have the added advantage of reducing costs and increasing Customers confidence. We continuously strive to ensure that: Queries from the existing or Potential Customers will be attended in 12 hours. Our Technical experts (ISO 9001, 14001, 18000, 20000, 22000, 27001, 50001, HACCP, GMP & CE) have been trained to add value to their quality inspection activity with a sole aim of increasing the effectiveness of client Quality systems which in turn leads to total satisfaction of final customers.